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The mission of the counselor at Eaton Middle School is to provide high quality, comprehensive school counseling services to all students.  We believe in the ability of every student to reach their highest potential in their academics, personal/social development, and career and college readiness.   We value the significance of each individual’s uniqueness.  We motivate each student to see his or her potential for achieving a bright future.


All professional school counselors shall:

  • Collaborate with parents, teachers, students, administration and community stakeholders to ensure each student is given equitable opportunities to be successful
  • Be available to every student
  • Facilitate the student’s personal/social, academic, and career development
  • Uphold the expectation for each student to become a well-rounded member of society
  • Advocate for the equitable treatment of each student
  • And engage in professional development and abide by the professional school counseling ethics in order to provide the best services for the students

The school counselor keeps information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the student or others, or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed.  Essentially, what is said in the counseling office stays in the counseling office with the following exceptions:

  • Students discuss someone hurting them
  • Students want to hurt someone else
  • And/or students want to hurt themselves.  The school counselor will consult with appropriate professionals when in doubt as to the validity of an exception. 
How to Make an Appointment With or Referral to Counselor
  • Students:
    • Call or e-mail
    • Complete a self-referral form outside of counselor’s office
    • Complete a self-referral form found in teacher rooms
  • Parents/Guardians
    • Call or email
  • Staff
    • Call or email
    • Complete a teacher-referral form


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